Saturday, March 9, 2013

Alexander McQueen Fall/Winter Collection

YAY NEW CLOTHES FROM ALEXANDER MCQUEEN! Okay, I'm calm now. Before I go into the details, let me just say one thing: If you don't love this collection like craziness, you need to see somebody.
   Anyway. Being one of my favorite fashion designers, I expected something really beautiful and elegant, but at the same time edgy and totally unique. I have to say that it wasn't as awesome as the Spring/Summer 2013, which was pure gorgeousness, but it was still beautiful. And I think it is really hard to do clothes for more plain seasons like fall and winter, and bright flowers and extravagant giant dresses wouldn't really fit winter, but Sarah Burton did a fabulous job making pretty outfits, while fitting in with winter.
   The dresses all had cinched waists, which has been very popular in design. The two main colors were black and white, with  beads. All of the models  had ''tights'' made from beads, and  head pieces made of beads. I do think the bee keeper  head pieces from last season were better though. It was classic McQueen, very edgy but still feminine. These were too dramatic and not very realistic.
   The beaded corset dresses looked a little strange, and the hips went out reminded me of those pictures of women from the Victorian era, with malformed hips from those terrible whale bone corsets. One of them had a completely see-through chest, which was pretty ridiculous. It's just an attention grabbing motive, and doesn't depend on the good design.
   The white dresses were a different story. They were, big, modest, elegant, and beautiful. The skirts of the dresses were taken right from the last collection, shaped into bee comb columns. The gold tops were very baroque and royal. These dresses looked like they were taken from a medieval kingdom.
  In my opinion, this collection seemed much more like the designs that McQueen himself would design. Sarah Burton in the last collection took classic McQueen and mixed it with her own design inspiration, which was awesome. But this collection really took into consideration the classic style of this wonderful couture design house.

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