Saturday, March 16, 2013

Louis Vuitton Fall Winter: Where leotards are for winter and pajamas are for day.

Luckily this show was much more modest then the show from Jacobs's own line, but definitely had the same theme: Boring and un-creative. All of the dresses looked like night gowns, and the fur coats like bath robes. It was like a pajama collection!
It only got worse with the nighty (admit it, that's what it is) that had a giant diamond shaped opening on the stomach. The furry bags were okay, but reminded me too much of those hideous furry Celine shoes. The more dress-like dresses had a ridiculous amount of cleavage, and the way it was cut looked like it was made to not have the cleavage, but someone cut it. It was a wannabe Chanel mutation, minus the beauty of Chanel.
The only looks I liked were the ones with tendril-like feathers at the bottom. The reminded me of a beautiful swamp.And I live swamps, so that totally works.
This collection was what would happen if you put Chanel,Ralph Lauren, and Valentino in a bucket and shook it up.

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