Thursday, March 7, 2013

Chanel Fall Winter 2013

Since the Spring / Summer Chanel collection was probably the most beautiful thing I ever did see, I was really excited to see winter coats and hats. But this collection was very bland and boring. It just seemed like a big mixer of everything from the other popular designers of today (and yesterday). The few stuff I did like looked nice, but were not Chanel.
First, the eye makeup. Almost completely identical to the makeup used in Dior's Spring / Summer collection, with the rhinestones. Then there were the Alexander McQueen-esque super high collars. And a ton of very un- Chanel cinched waists. And the huge jacket with big flowers and what looked like metallic cupcake sprinkles was loud, obnoxious, and just plain ugly.
And then there was the floral dress that looked like some polyester Target creation.The only thing I really liked was a red/pink tweed jacket. It seemed like the only classic Chanel piece.
Oh, and the terribly monotonous music didn't help either.

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