Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Makeup That Goes with the Outfit

    At some point, anyone, has tried out some makeup. Even if you hate if, you probably wore it in  a play or when you were little and felt like breaking something. Me, personally? I ADORE makeup. Lots of people judge it as a way to cover up imperfections and not look yourself. I think it can be used that way, for sure. But I mean, if you have some giant pimple and want to cover it with concealer? Is that really all that terrible? I think it's fine to wear makeup if you realize how awesome you look, and then show it off more with some makeup. And makeup is ART!
     Almost all designers, and especially couture designers, have a makeup line. Chanel is my favorite. I've seen and tried out a lot of other clothing designer's makeup, and it doesn't really remind you of the clothing. But Chanel's makeup fits right in with their style. It's sparkly but not flashy. It has a Roaring Twenties flair. And one of the rarest things in makeup, like EVER... the colors are unique! The eyeshadow I have is coral/pink and gently sparkled. I like to wear green eye shadow right at the beginning of my eyelid and right under my brow bone, wear the coral Chanel. It blends right in with the green wonderfully. I also own a Christmas red lip gloss. Unlike most lip glosses it lasts almost as long as lipstick, and in each stage of fading it looks even better. It looks over the top right when it goes on, but when it soaks in it looks SO PRETTY AND WONDERFULLLL.
     The best thing about Dior makeup is the way it's packaged. That makes me sound really materialistic and gullible, but the way something is presented is not just important for advertising. It's good design. And good design is art. Like the curvy, glamorous, pastel, colorful Dior outfits, the lip glosses come in rectangular tiny containers with a metal curvy lid. The colors are bright and pure. I've never tried the makeup, so I don't know how well it lasts or is easy to use.
    I think it's very interesting how a designer can take their inspiration from their clothing and put it into lip gloss or eye pencil. Yves Saint Laurent re-did a classic in makeup: Mascara. He didn't do something super lame, like just changing the color to neon green or orange. He changed the color, but changed it to one that works, maroon. It takes true genius to recreate something so classic. But isn't this just fascinating? Makeup and fashion... intertwined! Two completely different things, melded together to come into one style.

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