Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dior Fall Winter 2013

New collections from favorite designers are always a big deal, so obviously I watched the latest Dior show. The first thing you notice when watching the show is the strange but very awesome background ''music'', which is actually a interview of some dude named Brad, and a woman talking about living in New York and her veterinarian prescribing carrots to her dog. I don't know how they did it, but it totally worked. The clothes reminded a bit if New York, so the talk about New York fit.
Now, the clothes! I have to say it was not as great as the famous fall/winter collection, but was a big improvement from the last collection. The dress with the ruffled middle was my favorite, and reminded me a lot of Balenciaga. I don't really get the whole thing with the cuts across the side if the leg, though. The ruffle at the top if the slit doesn't help either. It kind of looks like a tied of beach cover up.
The images of people and flowers on a lot if looks was interesting, but not really in the classic Dior style. The thing that I really liked, though, was their was a classic Dior hourglass jacket, AKA,a perfect jacket? All in all, this collection was a big improvement from the last, but had a few negatives.

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