Sunday, January 5, 2014

Brocade Garden

                       This gorgeous brocade jacket was a Christmas gift from dad, from one of my favorite vintage shops (i also got my sister a mouse bank from the Ed Sullivan show). The first pose is one of my favorite classic fashion poses. It's not flashy, but wondrously elegant. Tomorrow a super cold snap is coming, so I'll have plenty of time to do a makeup post. My mom got me a Sephora gift card, and yesterday I bought a bunch of fun, classic pieces. Dior #999 (the likes of Marlene Dietrich and Josephine Baker wore this shade), Yves Saint Laurent mascara in plum (Over 30 years ago Laurent introduced him makeup line, and with that his famous plum shade), and a super pink blush from the Nars Guy Bourdin collection.

1 comment:

  1. the jacket is incredible! it sounds like you had a nice Christmas... Also, keep warm! I look forward to the makeup post!