Friday, January 24, 2014

Everything Is So Clear To Me (Christian Dior Spring 2014 Couture)

                     In case you didn't know, I seriously love Dior. I love my #999 lipstick, the pieces designed by Dior himself, and almost all of what Raf Simons designs for the house. So much of it is just, um, PERFECTION?! This collection is going to be one of my favorites in this season's couture collections.
                 All of the looks are very dark or white, except for a few blue pieces. Extremely modern, and extremely well made. 2 was so nice. The one shoulder black frilled dress, with a sheer half white/half black circle pattern. The uneven sides actually worked artistically, and you could tell there was a lot of thought into how ''uneven'' they made it look. It was not a last minute lets-make-it-artsy tactic. Look 3 was another beauty, with a white dress and jacket pair. The white gave it a casual look, but the holes made it an outfit sure to receive complements. I loved 4 even more. It was a mini dress version of 3, with a draped and hanged pure white back. 5 was too much like an over sized t shirt. 6 was a classic Dior suit, with an hourglass jacket. The evenly distributed black eyelets on the jacket gave it such a chic touch. Look 7's sleeves were kind of ugly to me. Why should your upper arm be really thin, and then your forearm super wide? Bell bottoms do not work for sleeves!
                    By 13 we got out of Adidas-like-sportswear and super sized dresses. 13 was another favorite, hole-y and black, with a separate low on the high-low skirt. High low skirts can look typical, but when the part that's low is  cut off from the dress, it can look gorgeous. And 14! Is it not perfect? At first I thought the outer, longer skirt with the holes didn't go around the back (which in case your wondering, would be horrible), but thankfully it did go around. It was  pure white, and the skirt gave that exaggerated curvy Dior look we all love. <3 DREAM DRESS <3 RIGHT HERE MY FRIENDS!
               17 had a weird appendage coming out at the model's right. I'm not really sure how I feel about 20. It definitely isn't ugly, but the extra hole fabric seemed a little too much. I couldn't believe how perfectly spring look 24 was. The bursting pink roses, the light fabric, the one just goes right with those cool yet refreshingly warm days in May and June. 25's floral pattern reminded me of a Victorian upholstery pattern (which is not my favorite kind of upholstery), but the blue/pink rose coat gave the outfit an almost imaginary element. Do blue roses actually naturally happen?  Don't get me wrong; I loved the jacket. And I also love imaginary things!
              Look 18 gave off a synesthesia -like feeling The light pink, and drape, made you practically feel the fabric, despite only seeing the color. I can imagine it being soft and light, like a  rose petal after it rained. But let's hope it's not wet; we don't want our couture goods damaged! 29 was just odd. The peplum (or whatever it was) did not belong that far up. 31 starts as a sleeveless shirt, and then explodes into a thick, textured, and very wide dress. I think there were four leaf clovers on it? Anyway, it was another favorite. 34 was too exposing and casual. Yet another favorite was found in look 35. Like almost all the pieces, it had the airy feel and holes, but this time it was a gray high-low dress with black spikes. Spikes done well on a couture piece are rare and one of my favorite things to see. This piece reminded me of a rare poisonous plant, or  insect.
                         37 was a smooth, wide white dress with the most subtle and well placed embroidery I have seen in a long time. The wide high low skirt made it look like a little couture cocoon. Look 42 made me wonder if I was looking at a cheese burger pattern or a dress. 46 was really odd. Why do I need an extra length of fabric hanging out at the top of my dress? Look 50 was one of my MOST favorites. It had the beautiful, airy white of the collection, and an optical illusion. White satin emerges from the front of the shoulder, goes behind the back, and seems to come right out through the torso and above the hip.
                All of these looks fit well with their season, and almost all fantastically. The looks were perfect for spring, modern in a way that doesn't try to look trashy, and the light sheers had a stain glass element. One of my very, very favorites.

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