Thursday, January 23, 2014

Valentino Spring 2014 Haute Couture

                      I have been excitedly waiting for the couture shows for so long, it literally pains me. Schiaparelli has been revived, and couture is usually, in general, gorgeously fantastic. The bold colors, rare fabrics, lush bridal gowns....SIMPLY FABULOUS is all I can say to describe it. \
                Look 1 was a very light, white semi sheer dress with musical notes on the skirt, and a soft train. The puffs at the sleeves looked misplaced. 2 was dark black/sheer, with elegant black feathers down the sleeves and back. A very sheer top, yes, but we always have a slip. 3 was one of of my favorites. The tops was a bit too just enough to cover up, but the skirt was incredible. Adam and Eve were embroidered on the skirt, with beautiful blossoms and a deer and horse. The gray/blue skirt was a perfect back drop. Look 4 was one of my least favorite. The jacket looked like a night robe, and the lion was so immature. 5 was another favorite; I just wish they didn't have to present it that sheer. The subtle brown and white shades perfectly complemented the fluffy white feathers wrapped around the bodice. Look 6 was a sort of red version of five. The red wine shade with the tulle was so pretty, and the snake wrapped around the bodice was so eccentric.
                8 did the absurd jungle drawings (which in case you didn't notice, I do not like). Look 9 seemed to plain to me to be couture. 10 had pretty colors, but the 3-D butterflies were garish. Like a military/deer hunter camouflage suit. 12 was very sloppy and makeshift. 13 was very subtle, which as I mentioned usually doesn't do well on couture, but the fringed cape and and slim dress were very stylish. 14 was kind of a suit version of 13, except very ugly with horribly placed fringe. Yuck. 
        Up until 21, it was all weird fringe and ''tribal'' prints. We've dumbed down so many cultures, that now they just combine into one word, tribal? 21 looked like diseased skin. The lace  was yellowed in a not preserved well way. This is one of the most boring collections I've ever seen. The same types of looks kept coming, and the drapes/dresses were so un-flattering. 37 was an improvement, with subtle lace, not garish and loud. Look 38 was another nice outfit, with the brown background and scattered floral pattern that gathered at the bust. Delightfully detailed. 40 was lingerie with a cape.
          Look 41 had to be my favorite. A dark black, long tulle ballet skirt, with small 3-D black butterflies placed around the collar. One of those pieces you dream of having. Look 42 on the other hand was one of the most hideous coats I have ever seen. It was basically brown and black garbage bags folded into flowers, with yes, more fringe. 45 was a curtain.
           The rest of the collection was more ''tribal'' prints, metallic curtains, and table cloth lace. Some of the pieces, like 3 and 41, were so beautiful, that they could inspire anyone, in any medium, to realize what an art fashion can be. But Valentino, both when he himself was at the label  and now with Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli, have made so many gorgeous pieces. You expect something fantastic every time. This was quite a disappointment.

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