Saturday, January 11, 2014

Ever Fantabulous Makeup Classics

                        Hello! I am, fortunately, having a pretty good day. I got my flash cards all ready for studying for my exams (my home study school does finals after Christmas and New Years. I'm guessing so you don't spend the whole break paranoid about your grades), my W Magazine ''The Movie Issue'' came in (along with my finals ELLE. Time to renew my subscription!), and I actually got to doing a post I promised! But of course it was late. Well, I'm no miracle worker.
                   I am wearing Dior #999, which when Christian Dior introduced it was simply #9, but Dior has reintroduced the same shade, just with a different number. Natalie Portman is wearing the shade in the Dior makeup adds this season.

                               This picture gives you a better look at the blush. It's from the NARS Guy Bourdin collection. Before the collection I had never heard of Bourdin's photography, but now I have! His elegant and very pastel photos are given a fantastic tribute through this blush. Like, no matter how much gentle you put it on, IT IS BRIGHT! Bourdin's photos were done mostly in the 70's, so the makeup is also inspired by the disco era.

                      The beautiful blush surrounded by flowers:

                                 Dior #999

                             Another classic makeup revival: In 1978, Yves Saint Laurent started a makeup line, and his main thing was unusual mascara colors, like this one, in maroon. W magazine, in this article, gives a better look at how it looks on a person. The key to making the maroon really show is try your best not to layer too much.

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