Monday, January 27, 2014

Jean Paul Gaultier spring 2014 Haute Couture

                              This collection was glamorous and dark, a look Gaultier has perfected in his prolific career.
                   Look 2's opened and lengthened shoulders gave off a tough and sharp edge. I can imagine the shoulders swinging with each step the model takes. 6 was just perfect. A casual black suit, but with dark blue butterfly wings for a collar! So abstract, yet so subtle. Put together, 8 was edgy and full of attitude, but aside from the cranberry color gloves, the individual pieces weren't that interesting. 10 was fabulous. A lush aquamarine belted top. This is one of the best spring looks I have ever seen. Light and new. The extra fabric in the back gave it that ''couture'' touch. I love how so many designers are turning potentially boring pieces into works of art, just by adding extra fabric in the back or side. Look 12 looked ripped up and sloppy. Couture should never look sloppy. 13.... had....denim. No denim, please! The world could use less denim! I love my Lee bell bottoms, and vintage jeans, but couture is a special place, for spectacular fabrics. It's supposed to have a fantastical, almost imaginary element. If couture reminds you too much of normal clothes, to me at least, it isn't quite doing it's job.
                    Look 15 was kitschy. Luce Jr.'s outfits from Lucille Ball's later show, The Lucy Show, came to mind. Loud and awkward (and in Luce's case, horrifically too short. But the show was really funny, so I'll assume the outfits were for comedic effect). 16 was an almost literal blaze of fire. The print was fire, and the skirt was trimmed and frilled in the shape of an actual kindling fire. Glamor in it's most ferocious form. I thought 19's metallic and mosaic style print was loud, and the cut made it look like a house robe. 21 was so different from all of these looks. Deep red mesh maxi skirt (meant to be worn over a longer shirt, as shown in the show), that explodes at the very bottom into a huge puff of red and white tulle. The greatest version of the ''mermaid'' look that I have ever seen
                  Look 23 was basically a costume. No part of it related to actual clothing. 24 also went with the butterfly shape, but had a skirt. I really liked this one. The hot pink was so right, and the dark lace around the edges (along with the frills) made it edgy and gorgeous, not petty and pretty like many a pink outfit. 27 was a favorite. Unbeknownst to me...jackets can actually look this good? It wasn't just a museum piece, and it also wasn't just clothes; in actuality, it's a jacket that directly says something about the wearer, an unabashed individuality. Black mesh, with short sleeves that pop out black puffed out tulle at the bottom. On the collar, a straight, simple bow. 28 unfortunately reminded me of a maggot infestation. After this, it was all pretty garish and exhibitionist until 35. Blue, black, purple, and green top and skirt are swept right up to the sky, in the same direction, as if blown by wind. The shades were perfect together, and it's uniqueness gave that fantastical couture feeling we all love.
             Look 38 was wearable art. Metallic black/orange splotches, with a butterfly of the same colors on the right shoulder formed a  top with a wrap skirt.  40 was just as rad. Slim, hot pink dress with mesh fabric over the bottom, with more colorful splotches, and an almost camouflaged butterfly on the chest. Very gothic. 41 is in my top five favorite look's of the spring 2014 couture collections. First its a leather motorcycle jacket, and then it slowly morphs into a delicate and fluffy mermaid skirt with the tiniest black dots at the top. 42 was the funnest piece in the couture collections. A dark blue corset with butterfly wings for the skirt, and top wings at the bust. The color was perfect, like an actual butterfly. The small skirt looks so smooth, and this piece was definitely the best one of the collection. It goes completely out of the norm of washed out white and beige that so many designers use now.
           I didn't quite understand why 44 was in the collection. A pretty dress, but why do we need a flapper dress in a butterfly themed collection? 45 was another flapper style dress, but went all the way to the ankle and had beautiful strings of pearls draped from every surface. On the hip there was a tiny silver butterfly attached to the pearls. The final look, the bride, wasn't traditional at all, (it wasn't even a dress) but it was fun. The leotard was way too revealing, but I would love to have the wig and veil. This collection was different and fabulous. It didn't try to be stylish, which led it to actually being stylish. Stylish isn't a certain color, or drape. A little provocation and eccentricity doesn't always have to be immature. It usually comes out beautiful, and stays in our hearts forever.

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