Friday, December 27, 2013

Present But Mostly Past

Merry late Christmas! I spent the few days before Christmas a.) Emergency shopping on, yes, Christmas Eve, and 2., shopping at the Village Discount. Basically I got this blue dress from Sears and orange coat, both vintage. I also got an ACT prep book, but that's a most unfortunate event.

             My mom endearingly calls this my ''Smurf Dress'', or my ''Edith Bunker dress''.
                                 For Christmas I got three vintage issues of Interview magazine, the magazine Andy Warhol published until his death in 1987. Priscilla Presley covers this one, the 1979 Christmas issue. The advertisements include a Happy New Year's greeting from Diane von Furstenberg and on the back a ''Merry Christmas, from Halston.''

         Priscilla Presley: Are you really involved in politics? Andy: No, we just go to every party.
                Linda Hutton is on this cover:

                             And, Phoebe Cates:
The funniest part about the interviews in these magazines is the name dropping in the interviews. Andy just off handedly offers to introduce Priscilla to Calvin Klein.In the back of the magazine is the column ''Out'', reviews of different parties in France and New York. One of these is the Executive Editor, Bob Colacello's, story of traveling on the book signing circuit with Andy for Andy's book, Exposures. The guests in the regular Out columb include Yves Saint Laurent and Diana Vreeland. And, in the June 1982 issue, Andre Leon Talley (who started out as a secretary at The Factory), best known for his work at Vogue, is listed as Fashion Editor and interviews the couturier John Galanos.

                                  ^^ I have been wanting  this book for so long. It's the book that coincides with the Metropolitan Museum's Costume Institute's exhibit of McQueen's work. His most beautiful and mysterious pieces are included, and the interview with Sarah Burton (the current Creative Director, aka Designer) in the back is delightful. It's miraculous how McQueen turned dark subjects into some of the most beautiful clothes imaginable. Have a Happy New Year's eve! Because the beginning of the new year just ends Christmas break.

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