Thursday, December 12, 2013

Smells Like Rain

                Diane Von Furstenberg Pre Fall:       
           This collection is much, much different from the previous one I reviewed, in the way that I loved every look! The only qualm I really had was that it's a Pre-Fall collection, but the greens and florals weren't very ''fall''. But who doesn't occasionally wear bright florals in fall? Not me!
                  Look 1's  honey comb background with green and black splotches was beautiful in the most casual way. Very smooth and soft, but still had personality. The sweatshirt wasn't extremely exciting. One of my favorite trends of recent, when an outfit has two stacks of color and one print, was present in two. The typical rules of matching colors is usually tiresome, but matching the  green sweater with the green in the skirt, and then the black fur in the skirt... So pretty. Look 3 was definitely a favorite. Huge flowers explode across the skirt in shades of green, brown, and silver. Soft metallic is the best metallic. 4 looked too much like a nighty.
           5 was very subtle, and the folds on the top were a bit sloppy. But the skirt that hugged the hips and then gently plumed out was very, very pretty. 6's skirt was so well designed, and so beautiful. The way it tightens at the top and then comes out at the bottom was so perfect, almost sculptural. Look 7 was probably the most work-ready. Very casual and it hung very well, but the belt gave it structure. 9 was perfect for winter. Dark blue and white. Snow-Fairy style. 10 reminded me of something an actual fashion designer would wear. It has that special touch, with the deep blow and folding neck, but it wouldn't over shadow the designer's own crazy designs. Look 11's beautiful blue flowers blended into what looked like the folds of one big flower. 12 was big version of the previous dress with a train. The fold over at the hips looked a little forced. Look 13 reminded us how awesome that bee trend was, with it's Edward Gorey style bees and deep oranges. 14 was the skirt-suit version, which also made me wish I had a reason to wear a suit.
            15 would work as a wedding dress. All white with elegant black ribbon on the bodice. Look 16 was a particular favorite, with it's all white skirt, but then half of the top was dark black with black roses (I'm not really sure what flower it was). 17's dress with orange and white circles was a mix of classic 60's and modern. Some designers go way too far with the whole 60's thing, and it ends up looking like an ABBA costume (despite ABBA not being from the 60's). The next dress, a sheath dress version of 17 was even better.
       19 and 20's black skirt and black dress with (pink leaves? flamingos? baby emus?) was a little too Anne Taylor ''Trying to not look like yet another 'What Not To Wear' '' look. The last look, 21, was a voluminous hot pink gown with soft black bust. I really liked it, but the back was just a little too crumpled.
           One of my most favorite collections!

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