Thursday, May 2, 2013

Elie Saab fall/winter 2013

As with most of the winter collections this season, many if the outfits in this show were quite plain. The black jackets and giant white coat had no shape. Elie Saab is known for ornate ness and elegance. The yellow looks just didn't go with the season, and again, plain.
The evergreen looks were much better. The color reminded me of pine trees. I thought that was a very creative way to shake up the blandness of winter without forgetting the season. The black dresses with lace and wide skirts were my favorite. Ornate and with a gentle sparkle. Ahhh.
The other dresses were way too revealing and pretty obnoxious. It's like cursing. You have nothing creative to say, so you use filler. Just managing to cover certain areas of your body is a last minute filler when you run out of ideas.
I liked the spring/ summer collection much more, and Valentino was the only designer I saw this season who did a really good job. It definitely was better than Marc Jacobs though!
And here's me:

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