Monday, May 13, 2013

A Unicorn Leaps over a pastel rainbow, only to have a pie thrown in it's face.

    I literally discovered Romance was Born 12 minutes ago. Which is terrible, because I should've have known about them way before. As with most things I love, they are very colorful. It reminds me of my room. Disordered and everywhere, but there's still a system. No matter how EVERYWHERE it is, it manages to say something. To look  nice. (minus my cookie stash)
     The show I just watched was for their spring/summer 2013 collection. The outfits were loud, with lots of details. My favorites had to be the pants with the pink frills and the long  sheer shirt with mushrooms. I love the collage element of this collection. Have you ever been in one of those small thrift shops that have mostly 60's through 70's clothing? It reminded me of that.
   The makeup on the models was nothing short of gorgeous. Dior and other designers have used rhinestones (haha...i see a connection...with my name...whatever go on) on model's lips and eye lids. But Romance was Born had diamond shaped multi colored stones coming from the bottom lashes, with eye liner connecting them. I had never seen something like that before. And in a weird way, it didn't look too obnoxious. I mean, maybe not for school. Or anywhere. But what really is obnoxious? Not wearing leggings and a North Face blue liner?
    The best part had to be the infusion of different eras, while not looking like a blast from the past. The makeup and hair was straight from old time Candy Land, or Punky Brewster. But it didn't look out of date. That takes a lot of thought. But the one thing I really disliked about this show was how it was presented.
    The models, as with any runway, looked miserable. And the room was all dark. And the music was really depressing...and kind of boring. I'm a firm believer in not aways making everything FUN AND BRIGHT, but this collection was nothing but fun and bright. The set of mushrooms, flowers, plants, and just bright STUFF, was gorgeous. That was the only thing I liked about presentation. I just think if you want your clothing to exude a certain mood or idea, your set should fit with it. Many people who buy clothes don't watch the runway show. But there is an equal amount who do, and the way something is presented can speak volumes. Take for instance the fall/winter 2013 Chanel show. All of the looks were black (and terrible if you ask me). They were presented in a super bright stadium (that's what it looked like to me). The show, at least, would've been a little better if they had had the mood fit with it.
    And why do models always have to seem miserable? A fashion show is supposed to celebrate a new collection. Key word: celebration! Not, ''UGH, I'm on my one almond per day and mango juice'' diet walk down the runway and go through the door, and, whatevs. Its boring! A normal human being diet would probably help them. Its sad that the unless you work for someone super awesome, you won't have a modeling career unless your 10 pounds.

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