Thursday, May 9, 2013

80's Windbreakers. Something I adore Un-Ironically

       Yesterday a commercial for some Nabisco product or something did this awesome time travel thing where everyone was in the 80's. The actresses had big curly hair, loud makeup, and those awesome triangle earrings. I said ''Wow, I love those windbreakers!'' Due to my naivety of society, I was shocked when my mother said ''Are you kidding?''
         If you know me well enough, you know my fashion taste is mainly in traditional Couture like Dior, Alexander McQueen, etc. But next to the 20's, the 80's are my favorite era. The only fashion related thing I don't like about them is those Hammer pants. Or Harem pants. I think that's what their called. I read about them in a TMZ article about Justin Bieber's monkey drama (please don't get my animal loving mouth started on that one. You'll regret it). Back to wind breakers!
      I love how preppy they look. My favorites are the pink ones with squares of color swirls. They remind me of the Chanel Cruise collection, with the model's wigs. Another awesome thing about them is that their fall/winter gear, but they're not bulky or too big. Thin and colorful.
      Honestly, why wouldn't you want to wear jackets that people in such shows and movies as The Cosby Show, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, and Pretty In Pink? Eighties fashion gets such a bad rap! But it's always been a favorite of mine.
     So if your style icon is Katy Beth Terry, go for it!

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