Friday, May 10, 2013

A Little One Direction never hurt!

Lately I've been trying to come up with the most unlikely but awesome combos. Tigre striped sweater, Xhilaration black lace skirt, awesome Puma sneakers, and Claire's One Direction socks.
As the third wave feminist I am, I believe I have the right to enjoy and listen to music that is commonly considered vapid and dumb by mostly middle age male music reviewers. But in reality is dumb to them simply because girls like it. Feminine can be feminist! And if you happen to be a dude Directioner: You are awesome!


  1. I really like your outfit : )
    I'm not a fan of 1D, but I can see why people like them and can't really understand why they get so much hate.
    I've never really understood the whole thing about "good music" and "bad music." It seems to me to be a matter of opinion. If it sounds good, then what's the problem? I like a lot of Jpop, which would defiantly be considered "vapid and dumb" by professional music reviewers. But whatever! I don't really care. I think it's great that you stand up for your musical tastes. GIRL POWER!

  2. That is like the nicest thing I've ever heard from someone who isn't OBSESSED with them. I mean, I really like them, but it's just one of my many interests (fashion, david bowie, kate bush, cat sweaters) and I hate being judged by it. People turn it into almost this political thing, when in reality it's just a band. That some people like. I remember there was this guy I was talking to and he literally never came near me again when he OVERHEARD me telling a friend about their new album. It's so crazy! They hate them more than I'm obsessed with them!

  3. i nominated this blog for the versatile blogger award! the post is on my blog

  4. Omg! Thank you! Can I nominate you for something?