Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dior 2014 Cruise Collection

                       Like most collections( except for spring/summer haute couture Chanel 2013!), I had really mixed feelings. Most of the looks were much to modern. The sheer looks were just silly. Does the world HONESTLY need another bathing suit cover? The multi colored dresses were a bit boring. It was just green and red shapes mixed up. It reminded me of when you go in Pier 1 and see one of those terrible mass produced living room ''paintings.'' Another thing I'm tired of is the ripped up ''deconstructed'' look. One skirt looked as if it was literally cut right across, and then had a random scrap of fabric sewn to the side. And there's nothing to be said about the bathing suits. Honestly. A blue bathing suit.
     Now, to what I did like! The modern interpretation of the Bar Jacket worked very well. I ahev no problem with modern. I mean, the majority of the clothing I wear is modern. But modernity has brought us some really lame stuff. Have you seen most of the homes made in America these days? Their gray and ugly, and usually fall apart after five years. And think of the Iphone. I recently found a 50's Motorola record player in the alley behind my house. That works.  When I'm in my 70's, will I ever find an Iphone in the trash that will play Justin Bieber 2.0? But these jackets kept the vintage sensibility while not looking like part of a movie set's clothing.
        My favorite had to be the pants with extra billowy fabric sewn on. I had never seen that before! I remember Alexander McQueen basically saying that a fashion designer's job is to come up with new ideas. Re-do what was done before. Sometimes designers will make ''unique'', but in reality they just threw an extra square or circle on the skirt. This was a whole new idea that also worked and was beautiful.
    And unless you want to hear a never ending monologue on the traditional Dior design philosophy, please don't ask me about the halter top. Just don't! 

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  1. Love your Disney Hat! You are definitely a princess!


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