Sunday, February 15, 2015

Stars Just Like Little Fish

                       I am a fairy princess! Ick, no. I am an ironically sweet grunge princess (I'll keep telling myself that). Anyway, you may have seen this dress before in my blog, but I hadn't worn it in very long, and I just got these gorgeous sparkly blue flats from TopShop, which are so Courtney Love/Meadham Kirchoff. I used to dress like Kurt Cobain's scruffy twin sister, but I realized I also loved to look as girly as humanly possible, so I went for the rebel prom queen look.

    Beatrice: Can I be in the picture, kitty mommy that I love so much?
    Beatrice: I love climbing up on the vents in the basement, so this height is no biggie. Uh-oh, HAIRBALL!

1 comment:

  1. This is outfit is so beautiful! The little butterflies on the skirt and the glittery shoes are so stunning. I'm a fairy princess as well 💁 xxx