Thursday, February 26, 2015

Sludge, Sparkles, and David Bowie; a Zac Posen Fall 2015 Review

                            Look 1 of this collection had a toned down burnt red color, but the ''I'' shape on the bodice made it too sporty. 2 was one of my favorites; again with the red color, but this time it was a suit with a wide, roomy blazer. The sweater underneath the blazer was even better, with strange little clusters of embroidery all over. Look 5 was gorgeously old Hollywood/vintage, with its tight red sweater and hip hugging bright red sequined skirt. Hardly casual, yet barely over the top. Look 7 was a dark red fur bath robe. I mean, c'mon! It looks like nothing else! 8's color and pattern was a delightful bright pink dress with floral brocade, but it was too tight. It looked uncomfortable. Look 12 seemed cheaply made; the blues and sparkles were okay, but the fabric just looked flimsy. Stretched out.
                         Usually I just mention filler in collections, but 13-15 were especially frustrating, since they were all gray. How does it that work for a fall collection? It doesn't! Maybe for a pre-spring melting snow/sludge season! I loved 16's sweater; light brown with yellow and green seaweed-like shapes all over the body. Wonderful fall colors. Look 17 was a dark brown tulle-like dress with sheer fabric above the chest, and a fitted bodice and fluffy skirt. It fit the model very well, and was a fun fall look, not a somber, ''leaves are dying'' look. 19's skirt was fabulous; long a swishy, black and shiny. But the top was too plain, and the darts were too obvious. 21's prints just weren't original. Last year and this year's collections were rife with shiny brocade looks. And the skirt was way too stiff, and long. It reminded me a bit of David Bowie's outfit when he was on Saturday Night Live for the first time, where they had to carry him around because he was in, like, a statue dress? 20 was just another prom dress with cut outs, and again, we know there are darts there! Why do the stitches need to be so obvious? Luckily I found a favorite in 25. It was a dark red dress with sleeves that formed a kind of cape that connected to the dress (you have to see it to understand); I loved the originality and creativity.
                Many of the looks after this were predictable or had unflattering shapes, particularly 29 and 31. Why would I want points sticking out of my hips? A baggy dress? 32, though, was a favorite, with its form fitting blue velvet (!!!!!!!velvet!!!!!!!!) bodice and voluminous skirt. The fit was excellent, and I loved the mix of light and darker colors, and soft and stiff fabric. How come so many of the other looks couldn't look this well fitted? 33, the last look, was too overwhelming. The hot pink/burnt red shade with sparkles was too Christmas-y for fall, and the shape of the skirt was too wide. Like, way, way, way too wide.
              This collection had some definite standouts, which made it worth looking at, but the ill-fitting nature of most of the clothes, along, with too much filler, was quite disappointing.

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