Friday, February 20, 2015

Crashing Oceans and Sludgy Fur: A Review of Carolina Herrera Fall 2015

                        I hate having so much to do! Especially since its mostly things I can barely stand, like studying for ACTs (I get to wake up at 6 this saturday for a practice one! Hooray!) or trying to figure out at least one mathematical concept. It keeps me from reading my favorite books and writing on this blog, which are far bigger priorities than government mandated educational ''standards'', at least to me. Learning for the test is keeping me from learning things I actually need, and preparing for the career I actually want. Anyway, here's a review of Carolina Herrera's Fall 2015 collection!
                        Look one was delightful for being worn by Karlie Kloss, and for its print. Swirling blues, grays, and blacks formed a solid, marble-like look, with a sparkling, shimmering finish. I really loved the slouchy shape of 2's jacket, and the silver and black, but the fur on the lower middle was unseemly. It didn't belong. 4 reminded me too much of a badly patterned 80's power suit. Look 7's sleeveless tulle dress was one of my favorites; it had the same kind of marbling as look 1, but this time it was slim and floor length, with a vibrant blue shade. Very couture. Until 13, a lot of the looks had unflattering boxy shapes, unappealing furs, and weird sleeves. I didn't like 13's top (the fur reminded me of mold), but the skirt had an elegant cut and the rain print was quirky.
                     After this there was some filler, but 17 was good. Semi sheer in black and orange, with gold leaves that climb up from the side and unto the chest and up over the shoulders. Look 18 had the same pattern, but was a bunchy short dress with way too many layers on top. I really liked 25, despite shying away from less form fitting looks in my previous reviews. It had a chic red, black, and white tweed pattern, with rounded shoulders and was very roomy. Look 26 wasn't my style personally (too much white), but not personally wanting to wear it doesn't take away from its worth. I liked the idea; pure white jumpsuit, with a heart monitor-like red zigzag all down the side. A nice pop. 27 was a favorite; pure white top and skirt, with the top sheathing the skirt, and a very subtle white zigzag. The turtle neck collar was a good bonus too. The bottom of 32 popped out too much. It looked like someone's sewing project when they read the pattern wrong.
                     I didn't really understand 35. The wavy ocean pattern on the skirt was fine by itself; why do we need black slashes on the bodice? 36 was a  white dress with an  ''all over the place'' pattern of tiny black dashes, and little black and white dot appendages on the chest and bottom of skirt. Look 41 was very confusing, because it was the color of maybe a prom or bridesmaid dress, yet stylistically a wedding dress. The color and formal style did not go together. I obviously loved the last look, 47, because, um, Karlie Kloss, and the skirt's extra layers really played up the whole haphazard ocean pattern, with stylish overlapping straps at the top.
                   This collection was pretty complaint free for me, with all of the standouts and a general suitability for fall; but I really did not like the fur looks. I personally don't wear fur, but I don't claim it looks ugly on clothes just because of a personal choice; the fur in this collection was just too gray and sludgy. It made up for this in heaps of glamorous gowns and making us all excited for spring wear.

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