Monday, April 21, 2014

Off To The Emerald City!

                    Ello! I love blogging outside of the strict fashion week realm, when I can just post quirky outfit posts and pretend I know everything about the 60's via my unrealistically romantic view of it. Anyhow, I got this fantabulous number for Easter (and a book about 60's fashion..) It's such a perfect spring hat! The green, the glittery brooch...The hat obviously had the whole 20's flapper thing going on, but then the wrap is very 60's (I think). And I think it makes me look smart.


                                         Me visually bragging about owning the best lip shade ever (Dior #999)


  1. That's one amazing hat, Chloe! And gaaaahhh your lipstick is perf, I'm still in search of a decent red. Also, I believe we met at the Rookie meetup at the Chicago zine festival, so hi again I guess :)

    1. I remember you! We're friends on fb I think too :) thanks for the nice comment :)

  2. Nice hat!!