Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Interview With Ellie Connor Phillips, of Rose and Vintage!

Everyone loves the big, almost celebrity level style bloggers, like Leandra Medine and Susie Bubble, including me. But I have to admit, sometimes smaller blogs, instead of blogs covered in Gucci advertisements, are the best, like Ellie's blog, Rose and Vintage. I love the way Ellie celebrates vintage and antiques, without it looking stereotypically Brady Bunch impersonator. She also lives in London, which makes me jealous, and definitely not because my hopefully-to-be-husband lives there. Anyways, here is my interview with the ever dapper Ellie Connor Phillips!

 Do you have a particular style icon? Time in fashion history?
1) I get a lot of inspiration from other bloggers, such as Kayla Hadlington, Hollie (forthequainthearted), Maya (t33n-witch), Adora Mehitabel and Maddy (fashionobscura). My favourite era changes quite a lot...some days I just want everything to be very 70s and then other days I'm strictly 40s. It changes with my mood.

Who is your favorite modern designer, and past designer?
2) Favourite current designer is probably Orla Kiely, as I just love their aesthetic. I also like vivetta, purely based on their s/s14 collection that I adore. Past has got to be original Chanel (I know Chanel is current but I mean Chanel when Coco Chanel was designing). I love Karl Lagerfeld's work but I just can't get over how monumental original Chanel designs were.

What is British fashion like now? What influences can you see?
3) British fashion is very...vintage. A lot of high street stores just seem to be reproducing the same styles you can find in thrift sales.

What is it like living in London?
4) The best...I love London. It's amazing to be so close to where everything is 'happening.' I do sometimes wish I lived by the sea, though.

What other art forms are you interested in, outside of fashion?
5) I'm an art student, so I like most forms of art including textile art and fine art.

Do you have any plans for what to study at university?
6) I'm not too sure yet. I have two years to work it out, so I'm not going to rush.

What is your least favorite fashion trend?
7)  The bucket hat. Some can pull it off, but the vast majority of wearers look like they are trying to replicate an old childhood photograph or something. 

And finally, if you has a million dollars, what would be the first piece of clothing you'd buy?
8) A head to toe Vivienne Westwood outfit. And maybe a Shrimps coat

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  1. Aw I love Ellie so much! She is definitely one of my favs. Also, I got your comment on my "rainbow fingers" post and I would love to do an interview with you! E-mail me at: :-)