Wednesday, April 10, 2013

"It" With Clara Bow

Silent films aren't the most popular films in this age. People say their outdated and dramatic. Unrealistic. As you may guess, most of these people gave never seen one . If you would consider changing your opinion, then you should definitely watch this film!
Clara Bow is a symbol if the Roaring Twenties. She starred in multiple movies and ''Talkies''. '' It'' is her first movie. Betty, her character, is shopgirl at a garments shop. A guy who works there reads a popular article about something called ''It'', which attracts an individual to anyone of their opposite sex. The guy decides that none of the shopgirls except for Betty have It. Multiple funny adventures ensue and Betty ends u engaged to the shop owner.
This isn't a movie review blog, so you might be wondering why I'm talking about this film. Well, for anyone who adores 20's clothing, they would live this film. One of my favorite scenes is when Betty cuts into her shop girl dress and turns into a more flapper esque dress for a girl out on the town. The pinned on flowers that descends from her neck and across her chest is simply lovely.
Her cloche hat with fake grapes dangling down bob as she gets used to the fancy flapper she's turning into. The clothing perfectly fit her spunky attitude. Unlike any film, even now in our supposedly ''equal'' society, a woman deals with a romantic situation in an intelligent and funny way. She still manages to be herself and not tone down her sassy self. She's in love, loves a man, but manages to stay strong and save a few people along the way. That's something all films need. A strong, fun, spunky flapper.


  1. Ooh, flappers! Clara Bow is awesome, but you can't beat Louise Brooks. I love silent moves, and they're actually surprisingly un-dated, considering most of them are nearly a hundered years old. Some of them have totally timeless themes, and I've seen movies from the 20's and 30's that are actually pretty risqué. And flapper fashion! I love flappers so, so much. I like your blog.

  2. Thank you! I love all sorts of clothes, but the 20's are the best, for me. By the way, I thought you'd find it intersting that the same time you followed me a blog all about One Direction fan fiction followed my tumblr...i find that ironic for some reason lol