Thursday, April 11, 2013

Lilly Pulitzer: A Big Citrus Cupcake

Lilly Pulitzer, like Christian Dior and Gabrielle Chanel, created a whole era of style. The 70's were a very floral and free time, and her outfits supplemented that.
In the early days of this designer, the clothing was almost exclusively for the very rich. As with Chanel, regular people wanted those clothes, and it eventually became a style.
These outfits are all colorful and scream summer. Their high cut and go along with the naturally colorful summer season. They are truly unique clothes. People may see these dresses as simple floral dresses. Because, there are so many of those now! But before than, women were very covered up and keeping cool seemed to only be a concern for men. While Dior was a fabulous designer, he didn't have much to do about summer. Before Lilly that was the prominent style.
Now that I'm done with this article, I want summer to come even more!

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