Wednesday, March 25, 2015

My Collage Worrrk

I havent't been posting on here in so long, and yet I've been making  lot more stuff than usual. Here is a zine I recently made, along with pages.
    Grunge romance:

      I put the Sex Pistols anti abortion lyrics with a typical
     "hot chick" image. Kind of a commentary on oppression
     and the desecration of bodies being masked as liberation.
    This is a zine of all my favorite things!

    These are a few random collages I've been making. This
     is like a celebration of spring and grunge and Kate Moss.

   This is all about the commercialization of "rebels" and
   rebellion as a look, not an action.
    And my cat Mabel is too cute. Deal with it.
   Kitty Kisses!

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