Friday, November 22, 2013

Fresh New Ideas

   Lately I've had a bit more time to sketch out some designs (and charge up my IPod so I don't have to use that horrid computer camera), since I'm well into the school year and the idea that you'll die instantly if you don't do everything at once has worn off.

                      ^ This design is more for the sweater. I added the pants just as a style preference. I got the fitted idea when I was absentmindedly staring in a mirror at sewing class and pulling on my sweater.

       ^ Is there possible anything better than a good fall jacket? No, there is not. I've been enjoying some of the fall items I picked up through the summer, and had to wait to wear for SO LONG. This blue one is kind of my dream jacket.

                  ^ Just a close up of the collar. It would be beaded with bright red glass beads
                                      ^ One of those designs that your proud of but honestly just popped into your head.
                                     This final dress had been on my mind for a while. I love capes and extra layers.

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