Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Interview with Bergdorf Goodman Sales Associate, Pila Sanchez (my first interview yay!)

      This past week I was in the most fab place on earth. Manhattan, in case you didn't immediately guess! I got to see the Chaos to Couture exhibit at the Met, Strawberry Fields in Central Park, Alexander McQueen store, Madame Tussauds wax museum....and somewhere I've wanted to go for years.....Bergdorf Goodman on 5th Avenue! Basically, it's a department store, but instead of scented candles and lame greeting cards, it sells Alexander McQueen, Chanel, Christian Louboutin shoes, even Azzedine Alaia. I also got to interview, via email, someone who works there! Here is my interview with Pila Sanchez, a sales associate for Bergdorf's:
1.) What is your favorite outfit from your own closet?
This very simple navy oversized kimono style Ann Taylor 80's raincoat, and a big wide beautiful Chanel scarf made of silk chiffon.
2.) Everyone has seen a major fashion fail. What is the worst outfit you've seen?
Anything two sizes too small.
3.) Who is your least favorite designer?
4.) As someone who works at a store that sells all sorts of brands, from Azzedine Alaia to Christian Louboutin shoes, what is the best outfit you've seen while working at Bergdorf's?
A head to toe Akris outfit...simple turtleneck and very full A-line skirt with high leather boots in a beautiful dark rusty orange. Very simple yet so elegant.
 5.) Bergdorf's is one of the most iconic stores in the world, in the
biggest city in America. What has been your most unique experience while
working there?
 To be able to pick from such a beautiful closet and help
someone look amazing.

6.) You work specifically with Fendi. What comes to mind when describing
the Fendi style?
 Very Artistic.Classy. Unique.
  7.)  What is the average Bergdorf Goodman customer like?
 A lady that knows what she likes and a lady that loves some guideness.
 What do they buy the clothing for? Work and pleasure.
  8.) You previously worked for Max Mara. What was that like?     
  Loved the product. My introduction to high end retail and good customer service.
How was it different from your current job? Just one brand to pick from so
I felt a bit limited sometimes.

 9.) And lastly, if you could have any one outfit/pair of shoes, what
would it be?
Anything Chanel...but the fit has to be perfect.

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