Monday, June 10, 2013

The Shoes Hope for a Million Dollars

Recently Salvatore Ferragamo released a collection of their classic Vara's which are customizable. As fantabulous and Duh-vine (channeling Vreeland, folks) as this modern collection is, I found it even the more gratifying to realize that I have a vintage pair! And, they only cost like five bucks at a charity thrift store!


  1. Did I see the customisable ones in Vouge?
    Anyway, I think yours actually look a lot better than the newer ones, because of the tapered heel. I don't like the blocky heel on the newer ones. Also, I love your socks! Did you knit them?!

  2. Yeah I just knitted them! And yes, you did see them in Vogue. I loved the ones with rhinestones on the ribbon. So awesomeeee.

  3. Cute socks :) and I LOVE those shoes!!!